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Nina explaining bio integrated design at Open Cell in Shepherd’s Bush. @ucl @gitomasello

BE a citizEn Scientist. ūüĎ©‚ÄćūüĒ¨ūüĒ≠ūüĆŅ

On 28th and 29th September 2018, the European Researchers’ Night will host the #BIOECONOMYVillage promoted by the @BIOWAYS_EU, BIOVOICES, @STAR_ProBio and BIOBRIDGES projects funded by the @EU_Commission


Biosolvents could be useful in a great variety of products

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The aim of the Bioladies Network is for women working in the bioeconomy to interact with each other and to share knowledge and professional contacts , promote personal development and provide mentoring. Through sharing views we gain a holistic view across all sectors of the bioeconomy, bring about the transfer of knowledge and spotting of opportunities.

Women from all sectors of the bioeconomy are welcome to join the network. Currently members represent the following sectors: academia, R&D, policy information, outreach, consultancy, various industries including construction, agriculture, food, packaging, biopesticides etc.

You can find information on upcoming and recent events here.¬† Please use the links on the events page to find out more or book tickets for upcoming events.¬† If you’d like to know more about the Bioladies Network more generally please check the box on the contact form.

The Il Bioeconomista, the first bioeconomy blog, recently featured an interview with Iris Aquilina Anderson, founder of the Bioladies Network talking about the bioeconomy from the female perspective.

The Bioladies Network was also featured in the Innovators Magazine in January 2018 as part of the special edition on biotechnology.¬†In promoting the Network it was said that: “The¬†Bioladies¬†Network¬†offers women working in the bioeconomy¬†a valuable forum not only to expand professional contacts, but also¬†an environment¬†to¬†foster¬†peer support and informal mentoring.¬†This network is unique in that it aims to support women,¬†in the UK, EU¬†and internationally, in an emerging area of the economy that is still considered niche, despite the potential.¬†Women from diverse sectors are welcome to join the network. Professionals from¬†academia,¬†public sector,¬†NGOs, R&D, outreach and¬†consultancy¬†are amongst those who are members. Industries¬†represented include¬†agriculture, food,¬†construction,¬†packaging and¬†biopesticides.¬†‚Äú