John Williams, Director at Aquapak Polymers Ltd.

Iris is a very knowledgeable and intelligent advocate of new technologies and innovation and has consistently shown an ability to ensure innovative projects and companies are identified and valued, thereby providing a shorter time to commercial success. Her expertise in cross-disciplinary policy areas has been of very effective use in advising some developed technologies particularly to avoid the minefield of conflicting regulatory frameworks across different government departments.
Her demonstrable support in emerging technologies in the CleanTech, Renewable and Biotech areas over the years has undoubtedly provided a platform for UK commercial advantage.”

Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley, Director of Innovations and Impact, British Antarctic Survey; Enterprise Champion at University of Cambridge

“I first met Iris during my time as Business Innovation Manager at InCrops when she was Head of Innovation for Renewable Materials and Biomass Energy at DECC. In that role she gave us great support to get our algal programme up and running, provided helpful connections and communicated clearly what government needed to see in terms of outputs. Based on how helpful this interaction had been I was delighted to hear that Iris was going to be seconded into our team for 6 months. Having Iris join us had a tremendously positive impact; she brought her knowledge, experience,  enthusiams and her extensive network into our team, and with her can-do-attitude and unquenchable positivity and care for people taught all of us by good example. Based on this good example I now strongly advocate secondments from government departments into research and innovation organisations. Having Iris in the team would be a privilege for any organisation, and I wish her the very best.”

Dr Carmen Hijosa, founder and CEO, Ananas Anam Ltd

“Iris has been supporting my company for over 5 years by advising and mentoring on grant availability, regulations and brokering contacts  in my field which is linked to sustainability. I have found her vast network, experience and advice invaluable to the ongoing growth of my company. ”

Dr Carmen Hijosa, founder and CEO, Ananas Anam Ltd; Member of Bioladies Network

“The Bioladies Network is a rich source of contacts, news and links to help all of us to improve our work practices, help others, and share and feel part of something bigger than ourselves and our work”