Bioladies Network events

The Bioladies Network events are open to everyone who might be interested in the topics or benefit from the networking opportunities they provide.  Please therefore feel free to share the links below with any colleagues who might be interested.

For the time being, all events are held on Zoom. The Zoom link and meeting ID are contained in the email updates; please contact us if you need them.

Once we get back to holding events you can attend in person, you will need to click on the event title to register on the Eventbrite site for event tickets if you are interested in attending. Every event is open to all so please feel free to share links with colleagues who may be interested.

Next event

Virtual meetup, Tuesday 15 June

This meet up will start at 18:00 UK time. James Neward from Designdwell, who is an architect, will speak on natural materials and community housing. Christina Ayer & Roberta Beattie from The Goodsheet Co will then speak on the theme Revolution in a roll …an alternative use for hemp.

Advance notice too that the following month (Wednesday 14 July) Jamie Keats, will give a presentation on the work CITU are doing in off-site timber sustainable housing and Lucy Cowton, Sustainability Manager at Futamura based in Cumbria, will speak on sustainable packaging.

Last event

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Biolady Jasmine Balloch has kindly provided this write up about this event. Thank you to Jasmine.


On May 12th, the Bioladies celebrated their 5 Year Anniversary in a style very fitting for 2021 – we were treated to an incredibly special lunchtime Zoom.


Iris opened the conversation with a brief update on the completion of the Bioladies directory which will be an invaluable resource going forward. 

Angela Morris then introduced the event with a first-hand account of the Bioladies history including Iris’s motivation for setting up a female-led bioeconomy network and past collaborative projects between members.


Angela’s introduction was followed by a presentation from Dr Brenda Parker, recounting her experience of Interdisciplinarity in the Bioeconomy. Brenda fascinated with her journey towards merging design, architecture and biosciences whilst acknowledging support provided by the network.


Dr Agnieszka Krzyzaniak spoke about working in male dominated industries, reflecting on her experiences within the construction sector. She discussed challenges that women often encounter then provided suggestions of how to tackle these and a call to action for instigating change.


Next, Dr Liliya Serazetdinova shared her insight on building a foundation to diverge with advice on recognising your core values, the importance of your circle of trust and responding to your true north through your work. 


Dr Gilu George spoke about her journey from Scientist to Senior Manager and how it is never too late to switch. She truly debunked the myth that successful careers have to be meticulously planned and emphasised the importance of redefining ‘success’.


The talks were concluded with an inspirational and beautiful message from Dr Carmen Hijosa on the significance of curiosity, joy, empathy and respect for one another. Qualities channelled by the Bioladies Network.

It was brilliant to see Bioladies and Biolads joining from across the globe including from Vietnam and Georgia, going to show how wide-reaching online events can be. Thank you to Iris for your incredible dedication to the network and for being so welcoming and inclusive towards all members, new and old.