Bioladies Network events

The Bioladies Network events are open to everyone who might be interested in the topics or benefit from the networking opportunities they provide.  Please therefore feel free to share the links below with any colleagues who might be interested.

For the time being, all events are held on Zoom. The Zoom link and meeting ID are contained in the email updates; please contact us if you need them.

Once we get back to holding events you can attend in person, you will need to click on the event title to register on the Eventbrite site for event tickets if you are interested in attending. Every event is open to all so please feel free to share links with colleagues who may be interested.

Next event

Virtual meetup, Wednesday 5 August – everywhere!

We are bringing you another opportunity to stay connected to the Bioladies network from wherever you are. This meeting will start at 12.30pm UK time and will use the same Zoom link and meeting ID as before and contained in the email updates.

The speakers will be Lauren Eggleton who will speak on slime, Jessica Dobson who will speak on using plants to mine gold and Laura Stoffels who will speak on biological research and development at Syngenta.

Future event schedule

DateUK TimeEventSpeakersSubject
Thurs 20 Aug18.00Virtual meet upKate Ng
Marije de Roos
Cecile & Cristina
Time to Sew
Making Fashion Circular
Biology inspired project on distributed energy resource management
Mon 7 Sept12.30Virtual meet upDr Parvez AlamColours & Shapes
Thurs 24 SepttbcAquabiotech/
Bioladies Ntwk
To be decidedBiotech & Waste/Marine
Mon 5 Oct17.00EFIB (Europabio) Dedicated EventTo be decidedInclusion in the Bioeconomy
Tues 20 Oct12.30Virtual meet upTo be decided
Tues 10 Nov18.00Virtual meet upTo be decided
Wed 25 Nov12.30Virtual meet upTo be decided
tbctbcVirtual meet upTo be decided
tbctbcVirtual meet upTo be decided
tbctbcVirtual meet upTo be decided

Last event

Virtual meetup, Tuesday 21 July – everywhere!

We had a spirited and informative meet up and it was lovely to see new members virtually for the first time.   I hope all of you enjoyed it and please let us have any feedback so we can improve.  A big thank you to Susanna and Agnieszka for giving the presentations and sharing their work with us. Agnieszka gave us an Economic Outlook for summer 2020 going from global to national and then focusing on construction and Susanna gave us an overview of the many projects she is involved with. Some of the details she shared with us are:

  •   The European Bioeconomy Network, an alliance of more than 60 projects and initiatives funded by several programs to facilitate the creation of the ecosystem for the bioeconomy, initiated by BIOVOICES project. The network has been mentioned in the update of the bioeconomy strategy (page 84,85,86). FVA is the initiator and main contact. I would like ECBF to be part of the network, as initiative partner ( This will ease the connection with all the EuBioNet partners and could be a starting point for future collaboration.
  • The BIOVOICES project (CSA, funded under H2020, that facilitates the dialogue and Mobilisation and Mutual Learning among Quadruple Helix stakeholders to address the challenges for the bio-based market uptake . The project will operate until April 2021 and organizes more than 70 events at Regional, National and International level.
  • Biobridges (BBI JU) project (CSA, facilitating the collaboration among Bio-based Industries, Brands and Consumers. Biobridges recently launched the Bridge2Brands format to facilitate the dialogue between Brands and Bio-Brands industries to provide innovative responses to the Brands’ sustainability challenges. The first experiment (52 contacts created and 26 “weblive” pitches) was partnered with P&G, the next, in early autumn will be with FCA. Biobridges will operate up to December 2020.
  • LIFT (BBI JU) project (CSA), just concluded, analyzed 65 Coordination and Support actions (CSAs) in bioeconomy (not only H2020 and BBI Ju, but also Interreg, Erasmus+ and other) to collect in a single place the project’s outcomes (, facilitate the collaboration (around 150 bioconomy projects have been involved in LIFT activities), identify gaps still to be addressed and provide recommendations for future activities in the bioeconomy.
  • Glaukos project (RIA, that aims at developing a bio-based solution for fishing gears and clothing textiles to mitigate the problem of plastic pollution. The project will also run 2 multi-stakeholders labs involving also primary producers.
  • The Transition2Bio (CSA) project, that will start on January 2021 with a number of activities including awareness and communication, education, support to the regions in implementing their bioeconomy strategies, etc. Transition2Bio will also support and expand the European Bioeconomy Network.