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Bioeconomy Services

The bioeconomy provides opportunities to business. We provide consultancy and advice to aid development and adoption of biobased products and processes. This is based on long experience and unique knowledge of the various stakeholders in the biobased arena including industry, academia, research, government and innovation bodies.

We help develop and nurture relationships and opportunities, especially for SMEs, by helping identify and secure new research and innovation funding opportunities, supporting biobased developments and organising events.

Our Services:

  • organise events including business seminars to attract clients to particular services and products that fall within the bioeconomy and circular economy.
  • brokering to nurture relationships along the value chain
  • develop opportunities for SMEs and companies
  • identify and secure new research and innovation funding opportunities;
  • support biobased developments;
  • review grant applications
  • evaluate projects and conduct reviews of projects
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