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Diversity and Inclusion Services

Why are diversity and inclusion important?

Broadly, it is against UK and EU law to discriminate against anyone on the basis of their: age,disability, sex, race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, belief or lack of religion/belief, sexual orientation, being transgender, being married or in a civil partnership, being pregnant or having a child.

Diversity encourages active participation from all: people should be able to be treated with respect and fairly. Strong commitment to equality and diversity leads to a happier and more productive workforce. There is economic evidence of businesses benefiting from strong  equality and diversity practices. It may make the business an employer of choice, thereby attract the best talent.

We are passionate and dedicated to enabling change to bring about a truly inclusive culture. Our aim is to change current practices in business, government and academia to better reflect the diverse society we live in and to promote an inclusive culture in which all feel supported and empowered.

General Diversity and Inclusion

We can help your organisation have the right policies, schemes (see below for our mentoring and network services) and culture to benefit from diversity and inclusion.

Our services:

  • We can review and advise on recruitment, progression and other policies to ensure you meet your equality obligations and start to benefit from diversity.
  • We can also provide training on unconscious bias and diversity and inclusion matters and, for under-represented groups, on application and interview techniques, confidence building and networking skills.


Networks help members to interact with each other and to share knowledge and contacts, to promote personal development and provide mentoring. Through sharing views members gain a view across the organisation, bring about the transfer of knowledge and spotting of opportunities.

They provide a united view to their organisations and help tailor processes and provide continuity. We have experience of setting up, running and trouble-shooting various types of networks

Our services:

  • We can help you assess the need for networks, identify which types are required and help advise on governance and the services to be provided by the network to members and the organisation.
  • We can train network leaders to influence the culture and composition of the organisation, to improve the personal development and career progression of members and wider staff and empower and support the wellbeing of members.


Our services:

  • We will work with you to plan and set up a mentoring scheme in your organisation. We can provide communications to raise awareness, training to kick start the scheme, analysis of trainees and recommendations on matches.
  • We also help develop your inhouse team to be able to run the scheme effectively.

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